Nov 16 2011

♦ Vātsyāyana’s critique of the materialistic theory of cognition

As is well-known, according to Indian Cārvāka/Lokāyata materialism (on account of which see here) cognition (jñāna, but also caitanya) emerges only where and when the material elements (earth, water, fire and air) are mixed up to constitute a physical living body. This perspective has been, of course, criticized by lots of non-Cārvaka philosophers in lots […]

Jun 4 2010

♦ The Study of Asia: between Antiquity and Modernity

The Study of Asia: between Antiquity and Modernity Symposium (10-12 June 2010) Where: Rome, Caserma Sani, aula 8, thursday morning to saturday morning; Museo di Arte Orientale, saturday afternoon. 1 Sessions 1.1 Manuscript sources between textual criticism and codicology Thursday 10 morning, 9-13.30 chairman: Camillo Formigatti LECTURES: • Arianna D’Ottone, History, Text and Images of […]