♦ Dhīḥ: Journal of Rare Buddhist Texts

Dhih 43

The Center for Tantric Studies has provided, for the benefit of all scholars, a PDF and a UTF8 text of the contents of Dhīḥ: Journal of Rare Buddhist Texts, issues 1-43 (1986-2007).

For downloading the PDF version, click here.

For visualizing the UTF8 text version click here.

The following is a PDF in which I have listed the contents of Dhīḥ, issues 44 (2007) and 45 (2008):

logo PDF Dhiḥ 4445

2 Responses to “♦ Dhīḥ: Journal of Rare Buddhist Texts”

  • Chris Hakim Says:

    I am looking for Dhīḥ: Journal of Rare Buddhist Texts, issues 1-43 (1986-2007). The link is broken. Do you happen to have a copy?

    Thank you

  • krishna Says:

    Hello Chris!
    Thanks for commenting.
    I didn’t notice that meanwhile the Center for Tantric Studies moved to this url: https://www.tantric-studies.uni-hamburg.de/en.html. I’ve tried to look for the file you are interested in, but I was unable to find it anywhere there and, unfortunately, I didn’t save a copy for myself since I have all the issues of Dhīḥ, up to vol. 45. Sorry I can’t be of any help!
    I think, however, that if you write directly to the CTS staff (https://www.tantric-studies.uni-hamburg.de/en/people.html) they will provide you with what you are looking for.
    All the best!

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