Mar 5 2011

♦ How many paramārthas? Bhāviveka’s Madhyamakaratnapradīpa (chapter 6)

This is the edition and translation of the 6th chapter of Bhāviveka’s Madhyamakaratnapradīpa. The texts consists in just 5 stanzas, of which at least three are very similar – if not identical – to as many kārikās of Bhāviveka’s Madhyamakahṛdayakārikā. This, hence, allows us to interpret the Madhyamakaratnapradīpa in the light of the Madhyamakahṛdayakārikā. The […]

Feb 7 2011

♦ The Madhyamakārthasaṃgraha: edition of the Tibetan text

Although in many more or less recent works we can find translations of Bhāviveka’s Madhyamakārthasaṃgraha (Christian Lindtner, in “Atisa’s introduction to the two truths”, Journal of Indian Philosophy 7, 1981, note p. 200-201; this translation has been reprinted in Potter’s Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies IX, pp. 442-443; Daniel Ferrer, Tibet Journal 17.2, 1992, pp. 52-55), […]

Dec 26 2010

♦ Jayarāśi’s Tattvopaplavasiṃha §7.1, the Sanskrit e-text

The following is the transliteration, with few notes, of the 1st paragraph of the 7th section of the Tattvopaplavasiṃha, in which Jayarāśi introduces his criticism to the Nyāya concept of anumāna, which will be thoroughly developed in the following sections. This portion of the text is not included neither in Eli Franco’s edition and translation […]

Dec 13 2009

♦ Dhīḥ: Journal of Rare Buddhist Texts

The Center for Tantric Studies has provided, for the benefit of all scholars, a PDF and a UTF8 text of the contents of Dhīḥ: Journal of Rare Buddhist Texts, issues 1-43 (1986-2007). For downloading the PDF version, click here. For visualizing the UTF8 text version click here. The following is a PDF in which I […]