Dec 26 2010

♦ Jayarāśi’s Tattvopaplavasiṃha §7.1, the Sanskrit e-text

The following is the transliteration, with few notes, of the 1st paragraph of the 7th section of the Tattvopaplavasiṃha, in which Jayarāśi introduces his criticism to the Nyāya concept of anumāna, which will be thoroughly developed in the following sections. This portion of the text is not included neither in Eli Franco’s edition and translation […]

Dec 10 2010

♦ 50 years of Lokāyata

For commemorating the 50 years of D. Chattopadhyaya’s Lokāyata, the Asiatic Society of Bengal organized a seminar in Calcutta, November 24-25, 2010. The following was the programme (one click on each image to enlarge):