Jun 23 2010

♦ Again on Mūlamadhyamakakārikā VIII, 4 (in brief)

If we compare de Jong’s and de la Vallée Poussin’s editions of MMK, 4cd (we have already dealt with this kārikā here), we can notice the following difference: de Jong: hetāv asati kāryaṃ ca kāraṇaṃ ca na vidyate | tadabhāve kriyā kartā kāraṇaṃ ca na vidyate || de la Vallée Poussin: hetāv asati kāryaṃ ca […]

Jun 20 2010

♦ Journée d’études transdisciplinaire: “La relation maître-disciple”

The following is the available program of the Journée d’études transdisciplinaire: Journée d’études transdisciplinaire organisée par Aurélie Névot 29 juin 2010 Centre d’Études Himalayennes (CNRS-UPR 299) Salle de conférences, rez-de-chaussée 7, rue Guy Môquet 94801 Villejuif Cedex http://www.vjf.cnrs.fr/himalaya/fr/planvjf.htm La relation maître-disciple Approches transdisciplinaires sur la nature et les voies de la transmission THÉMATIQUE Lors de […]

Jun 18 2010

♦ Rāmāyaṇa: Reinterpretation in Asia

Rāmāyaṇa: Reinterpretation in Asia International conference, 17-18 July 2010 Asian civilization Museum Ngee Ann Auditorium, ACM Empress Place (Basement) 1 Empress Place, Singapore 179555. This international Rāmāyaṇa conference will examine the retelling and manifestation of the epic in diverse ancient and modern textual traditions, visual and performing arts as well as popular cultures of Asia. […]

Jun 14 2010

♦ Few considerations on the Buddhist world: loko, lokaḥ, ’jig rten, shì jiàn

The term used by early Buddhists to refer to what we know as “world” is, usually, the Pāli term loko. This word has more or less the same semantic extent of the French monde whose meaning is both «world» and «people» (consider, for instance, the compounds loka-visargaḥ, «distruction of the world» and loka-vikruṣṭaḥ, «offensive for […]

Jun 4 2010

♦ The Study of Asia: between Antiquity and Modernity

The Study of Asia: between Antiquity and Modernity Symposium (10-12 June 2010) Where: Rome, Caserma Sani, aula 8, thursday morning to saturday morning; Museo di Arte Orientale, saturday afternoon. 1 Sessions 1.1 Manuscript sources between textual criticism and codicology Thursday 10 morning, 9-13.30 chairman: Camillo Formigatti LECTURES: • Arianna D’Ottone, History, Text and Images of […]