Apr 30 2010

♦ Center for Chinese Studies, Research Grant Program 2011

The Center for Chinese Studies is accepting applications for the CCS Research Grant Program 2011. 1. The Center for Chinese Studies (CCS) has the following provisions for its research grant program. 2. This program is designed for foreign professors, associate professors, assistant professors and doctoral candidates in departments related to Chinese studies at foreign universities, […]

Apr 28 2010

♦ Nāgārjuna on cause/condition: moral implications

According to Nāgārjuna, only a modifiable (not permanently identical with, nor permanently different from, himself/herself) person can be a concrete enjoyer of good and bad results of his/her own actions. But to be modifiable means to lack svabhāvaḥ. Now, to avoid both the svabhāvaḥ and the parabhāvaḥ positions, Nāgārjuna prefers to adopt a “neither A, […]