Feb 16 2010

♦ A brief note on Lindtner’s edition of Bhavya’s Madhyamakahṛdayakārikā III, 253

Let us discuss a particular reading of Bhavya’s Madhyamakahṛdayakārikā (MHK) III, 253, as it has been established by Lindtner in his critical edition, based on the unique extant Sanscrit manuscript.1 The Sanskrit version of this kārikā, according to Lindtner, runs as follows: yathā prasuptaḥ putra-strī-vimāna-bhavanādikam | paśyet siddhavaśāt tatra pratibuddho na paśyati ||2 Now, if […]

Feb 8 2010

♦ Nāgārjuna on “cause” and “condition”: pars construens (2)

If it is true that both the Pāli Canon and Nāgārjuna consider the conditional relations on the basis of the positive and negative (α and β) twofold formulae (αβ.1 and αβ.2) (see Nāgārjuna on “cause” and “condition”: pars construens (1)), nonetheless between the two perspectives there is a crucial difference: although, according to SN I, […]

Feb 4 2010

♦ International Conference on Music

The following is the agenda of the International Conference on Music Lalit Kala Kendra, University of Pune Bandish and its different facets February 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 2010 Namdeo Sabhagriha, Arts Faculty Building, University of Pune. Inaugural Session MONDAY, February 22, 2010 Time 10.00 to 11.00 am Welcome – Dr. Shubhangi Bahulikar HOD, Lalit Kala Kendra […]