Jan 16 2010

♦ Nāgārjuna on “cause” and “condition”: pars construens (1)

Let us consider the Pāli Canon (see also: A brief note on the distinction between “cause” and “condition” in early Buddhism). The kind of relation indicated by the term “condition” is in the canonical literature pointed out generally in two manners, a positive and a negative one. The (α) positive way runs as follows: imasmiṃ […]

Jan 4 2010

♦ Nāgārjuna on “cause” and “condition”: pars destruens (2)

Let us examine one by one the four alternatives listed by Nāgārjuna in his MMK I,1 (and referred to in Nāgārjuna on “cause” and “condition”: pars destruens (1)).1 (1) The alternative na svatas («not from itself») is clearly the rejection of the Sarvāstivāda-like position. Here Nāgārjuna criticizes the conception of svabhāvaḥ («intrinsic nature»). If the […]

Jan 2 2010

♦ Italy welcomes the first Sanskrit-Italian Dictionary

After many years of accurate and painstaking work of several Italian scholars, also Italy has its dictionary of Sanskrit. A project originally by Oscar Botto. Dizionario Sanscrito-Italiano (ed. by Saverio Sani), Edizioni ETS, Pisa 2009, pp. LII + 1978, ISBN: 9788846721730, € 80,00. © Comitato Dizionario Sanscrito-Italiano, Torino; Director: Saverio Sani; Editorial coordinator: Irma Piovano. […]